A brief background

Ohio Gay Pride is a United Family that colors outside of the lines to be who we are with integrity and fairness so that Royalty can be Born, not Chosen.

The primary goal of the Ohio Gay Pride Pageantry system is to positively promote the unity amongst the LGBT Community through Pageantry and Entertainment. Ohio Gay Pride Pageantry was the long standing dream of Donnie Miller to create a pageantry system that positively promotes our community and is administered in a way which is fair and and ethical to all involved.

The Ohio Gay Pride Royal Court

(from left to right)
Mr Ohio Gay Pride 2020-22 - Stevie Phoenix

Miss Ohio Gay Pride 2020-22 - Britney Blaire

Miss Ohio Gay Pride 2020-22 - Sassy StoneHart

For Immediate Release

February 2, 2022

Ohio Gay Pride Pageantry has been around since 1998 with the crowning of the first Miss Ohio Gay Pride, Tara Richmond.  Over the years a Mr Ohio Gay Pride was added in 2008 with Paco Martinez. And then expanded again by adding a King title in 2015 with Dexter, and then a Femme title in2018 with Olivia Jane. The one thing that all these titles had was that the competitors were limited to specific titles based on their gender at birth.

Starting this year… the Miss Ohio Gay Pride and Mr Ohio Gay Pride titles (as well as the associated preliminary titles) will be for any performer that feels their performance persona fits into that title, without bias to gender at birth. And yes, there will still be preliminaries for these titles.

Also, with that we would like to announce there will also be an Mx Ohio Gay Pride title for individuals that feel their performance persona could fit

both or fit neither the Miss or Mr Ohio Gay Pride title. This will be a State Only level pageant (As with any new title within the OGP System, usually

the first couple of years are without Prelims).

Further, the reigning King and Femme state titleholders, Stevie Phoenix and Sassy StoneHart will receive their step-down at the respective Mr or Miss State pageant and receive the appropriate crown and sash afforded to that Mr or Miss Ohio Gay Pride title.

The First Alternates from the last competition, when there was four divisions, will receive entry into whichever division they choose to compete.

Please reach out to the Ohio Gay Pride Promoter, Marc Offenburger with any questions that you might have.